Free Printable Bible Planner Stickers

I use these stickers to track whatever passage of the Bible I’m currently reading or to designate devotional time in my planner. If you download them, I’d love to see how you use them in your planner too!

To download the stickers, enter your email address below, and you will receive an email with the link/file attached.

If you have any problems with the download, please contact me.

Free Printable: Planner Stickers Starter

Free Printable Planner Stickers

I’m so excited to be able to share this free printable with you all! I specifically created it for a Bullet Journal Facebook group that I’m a member of, composed mostly of beginners. We took a poll and after everyone’s feedback of what they would like to use in their bullet journals or planners, this freebie starter sheet was born.

The sticker sheet includes:

  • 6 Weather Icons
  • 5 Flowers
  • 10 Checklists
  • 2 Washi Strips
  • 22 Colorful Functional Icons
  • 7 Misc (including a butterfly, happy mail, coffee, and birthday stickers)

I hope you like it! If you decide to use it, I’d love to see (you can tag me on Instagram, leave a message on my Facebook page, or leave a comment below).

Free Printable_ Planner Stickers

To download the freebie, enter your email below and I’ll send you the link to the file!

How to Use

Since this is a downloadable file, click on the link above to access the download. Once you’ve saved it:

  1. Print the file on a color printer using sticker paper.
  2. Cut out carefully with scissors or a Gyro Cutter or other cutting tool.
  3. Peel the sticker off the backing and decorate your planner or bullet journal!

14 Monthly Spreads & Layout Inspiration for Your Bullet Journal

I’m always looking for inspiration on new layouts for my bullet journal. I like to change things up every now and then. I thought it would be helpful to compile some images of monthly spreads, in case you’re looking for ideas. Bookmark this page so you can refer to it anytime you need!

Month on One Page

Month on 1 Page Bullet Journal
via @
Month on 1 Page Bullet Journal
via @belindamarriott
Monthly Calendar in my Bullet Journal
via @GirlyPlanners

One of my favorite monthly spreads in my bullet journal (April 2016). I flipped the notebook sideways (like a wall calendar) and added some washi tape at the bottom.

Month on 2 Pages

Month on 2 Pages Bullet Journal Layout
via @
Month On 2 Pages Bullet Journal Spread
via @nomadicclover

From the creator:

“I integrated my tracker right into the calendar. I’m tracking a couple things daily, which I’ll mark off with Xs, and somethings I just want to track when they happen, which will be shown as color coded borders around my days. I started doing this during the second half of Jan and really like it.”

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread
via @sublimereflection

Month & Goals, Notes, or Habits

Monthly Spread Bullet Journal
Simple and clean layout! I love this monthly spread! via @dolceartist
Monthly Spread Bullet Journal
Using doodles and colors, love her monthly spreads! Follow her Instagram to see them all! via @craftyenginerd
Monthly Bullet Journal Spread
If you don’t have a lot to write in your monthly pages, this is a nice way to have a visual of the dates and where they fall, without taking up so much space. via @my_journaling_corner
Monthly Bullet Journal Spread
via @trekkiechickplans

From the creator:

I set this page up in mind that I needed a monthly spread that would give me a quick glance at what’s happening and how the month has gone so far. My habit tracker is to the right, goals in the bottom center, and (inspired by @ohayobento) a health and wellness tracker/graph.

Monthly Bullet Journal Spread
via @christina77star

Monthly Spread Bullet Journal
via @thecursivebird

Month in List Format

Monthly Spread Bullet Journal
via @grey.and.copper

From the creator:

Wanted a list calendar to put events / appointments in but also wanted a month view as I like to visualise the month quickly so thought this layout would work well. Also wanted my header to be along the left hand side so flicking through will be easy to find later on down the line.

Monthly Spread Bullet Journal
via @bohoberry

From the creator:

Instead of having 3 columns for “morning”, “afternoon”, and “evening”, I decided to divide it between “All Day”, AM & PM. I think I’m going to enjoy this format but as always, it’s just an experiment 🙂 The “All Day” column will house birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, vacations, etc.

Monthly Spread Bullet Journal - List Format
via @brookelangeinspired

I created a Pinterest board of monthly spreads for you as well!

What monthly spreads do you love? Share in the comments below!


Bullet Journal Weekly Spread #25

This week, I tried to use a “duochrome” color scheme. (Just learned that word on the Facebook Bullet Journal Junkies group lol). My goal was to use just blue stickers in my weekly spread, inspired by a fellow planner @sarahboparah. I have to admit, I didn’t love it, I think I will try it again in the future, but with different shades of the same color or something to add a little bit more interest. I did find this week easy to read and list my daily tracking items, it was a very clean layout. What do you think?

Supplies Used:

Bullet Journal Spread: Week 23

I’m quite happy with the way last week turned out. I’ve been trying out some monochromatic spreads lately, just because I love how some of them turn out on Instagram. This one was a violet/purple theme and I hand drew the banners, based of of this great little tutorial.

(For more doodling tutorials, check out my Pinterest board on Bullet Journal Doodles)

Supplies Used



Free Printable: Mini Food Icon Planner Stickers

I love adding little stickers of the food I’m eating in my bullet journal as a decoration and/or a visual. Especially when I’m eating junk food 🙂

So I created this free printable so you can decorate your planner or bullet journal and keep track of what you you’re eating too.

I’ve included a list from top left to right of what each icon is. Some are pretty small and may be a little hard to tell without zooming in.

  1. Bagel (with a missing bite)
  2. Bagel
  3. Pretzel
  4. Baguette
  5. Cookie
  6. Sandwich
  7. Ice cream cone
  8. Cotton candy
  9. Lollipop
  10. Cake
  11. Macaron
  12. Soup
  13. Waffles
  14. Smoothies (6)
  15. Milk
  16. Chinese food
  17. Baked potato
  18. Macarons (2)
  19. Water bottle
  20. Chips and salsa
  21. Steak with side salad
  22. Salmon with side of sauce
  23. Cucpake
  24. Spaghetti
  25. Bacon
  26. Donut
  27. Salad
  28. Cheeseburger
  29. Hot dog
  30. Croissant
  31. Salsa
  32. Watermelon
  33. Guacamole/Avodado
  34. Cup of tea with bag
  35. Bacon and eggs
  36. Pancakes
  37. Fruit salad
  38. Cereal
  39. Fruit smoothie
  40. Taco
  41. Coffee
  42. Iced strawberries
  43. Pizza
  44. Popcorn
  45. French fries
  46. Soda
  47. Cheeseburger
  48. Lasagna
  49. Mac and cheese
  50. Chocolate (2)
  51. Popsicle
  52. Donut
  53. Chicken wings
  54. Noodles
  55. Lemon
  56. Banana
  57. Taco
  58. Chicken drumstick
  59. Sub
  60. Strawberry
  61. Apple
  62. Ice cream
  63. Chicken and a side
  64. Orange
  65. Bucket of chicken
  66. Bread and butter/jam
  67. Spaghetti
  68. Salmon
  69. Cake slice
  70. Steak
  71. Coren
  72. Kiwi
  73. Wrap/burrito
  74. Olive
  75. Mushroom
  76. Grapes
  77. Tomato
  78. Broccoli
  79. Cheesecake
  80. Lettuce
  81. Chips
  82. Fruit box
  83. Fruit squeeze packet
  84. Carrot
  85. Cherry
  86. Onion
  87. Pineapple
  88. Granola bar
  89. Candy
  90. Egg
  91. Soda
  92. Lollipop
  93. Cheese
  94. Chicken
  95. Sushi
  96. Banana split ice cream
  97. Pie

Then it repeats!

This is a full sheet high-quality PDF that you can print on sticker paper and cut out with scissors or a Gryo Cut tool (what I use).

Click here to download »

If you have any feedback or would like these in a larger size, please leave a comment below!

Bullet Journal – April Plan With Me Video

April Bullet Journal Plan with Me

Just posted this short video on YouTube this morning. We’re in the process of moving, so I’m not sure if I’ll have a video up for May, but I wanted to at least show you guys the pages I’ve been using in my April monthly and weekly spreads. I hope you like them and I’d love to hear your feedback 🙂

Stickers  Used This Month:
Meal Planning Stickers »
Pink Flamingo Stickers »
I Am Thankful For… Stickers »
Weekend Stickers »

How to Get Started with a Bullet Journal

I love my bullet journal! I started my own bullet journal system on August 2015. I first discovered the planner world through a friend of mine who introduced me by showing me her planner and customized setup. I tried using traditional planners, but found I needed more of a fluid setup. I’m not sure how I stumbled into bullet journaling but I’m so glad I did. I’ve stuck to it ever since, and I love having my notebook with me everywhere. It helps me track migraines and other ailments, as well as helped me improve my memory and increase my daily water intake to name a few of the many benefits! There’s something about flipping through beautiful and colorful pages to plan my week that also just make my days better 🙂

I share a lot of pictures of my bullet journal throughout my social media accounts, so I thought I would do a “Bullet Journal Basics” post that answers all of the questions I get asked often.

What Is a Bullet Journal

The first thing you need to do is watch the official Bullet Journal intro video. It’s the perfect place to get an understanding of what the bullet journal system is and how to setup your own notebook. Read through the official bullet journal setup as well. After watching the video, you can customize the system and make it your own, but I highly recommend watching it first!

While you’re there, take a look at all of the posts the author shares on how to setup your pages, including the index page, what collections are/how they work, your bullet journal key, and more…

I stuck fairly close to the original system when I first started. Currently my system has grown to be quite different, but still a bullet journal at it’s core (at least in my opinion).

My First Bullet Journal Weekly Page
My First Bullet Journal Weekly Page
My Current Bullet Journal Weekly Layout
My Current Bullet Journal Weekly Layout

I also posted a video of my bullet journal setup, which takes you through all the pages I setup and how the layouts have changed as I used my journal longer.

Supplies You Need

Notebook – You need a notebook to write in. I use an extra large squared Molkeskine. I like the space it offers, the square grid to help my writing be neat and organized, and the storage pocket in the back. It also has a bookmark/page finder that I use to quickly flip to my current week/day page.

(This is the closest I could find on Amazon: Moleskine Large Squared, mine is just a bit bigger)

Blank Moleskine Bullet Journal Planner
Blank Moleskine Bullet Journal Planner

There are many types of notebooks available, with all different types of paper. There’s dotted, ruled/straight lines, blank, and squared/grid like mine. You can print out different types of paper to test which one would work better if you’re undecided.

It’s also good to consider the size. Do you want your notebook to fit in your purse? If so, one a bit smaller might be better. My extra large Moleskine fits in my purse, but people with a smaller purse might need to downgrade to a smaller size.

Writing Tools – I did a lot of research before choosing the pens I currently use for my bullet journal. I have yet to find a pen that doesn’t at least ‘ghost’ on the thin bullet journal notebook paper. But the pens I currently use (Sharpie Pens) have no bleeding and the least amount of ghosting. I also use a set of Le Pen pens for when I feel like adding more color to my pages. I don’t write a lot with these in the same area because they do cause more bleeding/ghosting.

I also use a pencil to “pencil” in things before I trace them with pen or when I’m practicing my doodling. My favorite pencils are the Paper Mate Sharpwriters.

My Bullet Journal Pens and Writing Tools
My Bullet Journal Pens and Writing Tools

Setting Up Your Bullet Journal

Think about what you want/need. It’s an evolving process, you don’t usually keep the same format or layout that you start out with.

At first I wanted an indeterminate amount of space for each day. Then after doing it for a couple of months, I realized I used the same amount of space for each day on average so I decided to create weekly spreads so I could have some forward planning features in my bullet journal.

You can get A TON of inspiration online, and I’ve listed some of my favorite sources at the end of this post so you can get started.


These are the list of pages that most bullet journals have to function as a planner. However, you can make it your own and add only the pages you want/need and will use.

Most bullet journals will have an Index Page and a Key. If you watched the intro video, you can learn how to set one up. I don’t use a Key anymore, but I did start out with one. Some people use color coding instead of symbols as their key. I did this for a while as well.

Calendar Pages

Monthly Calendar in my Bullet Journal
Monthly Calendar Layout

Calendar pages include the:

  • annual/year calendar
  • monthly calendar
  • weekly or daily spreads
  • calendex or future planning pages

Collection Pages

Collections can really be anything! For me, they are lists or special pages in my bullet journal that don’t fit into the calendar or weekly spread pages. Some of the collection pages I use are:

  • Meal Planning
  • Bill Payment Tracker
  • Wish List
  • To Do List
  • Monthly Habit Trackers
  • Gratitude Log
Bills To Pay Tracker in my Bullet Journal
Bill Payment Tracker

Decorating Your Bullet Journal Pages

My favorite part of my bullet journal – decorating my pages!

Don’t get intimidated by this like I did at first. If you’re not great at drawing, you can trace! I love tracing icons and graphics into my pages. Did you know they also make stencils just for bullet journals? So you can create your own banners and icons with perfect lines. There are many options to help your pages turn out awesome!

Also, your decorating supplies may be limited at first, but they will grow with time, so don’t get discouraged because you don’t have as much washi tape as other bujo junkies! (If you didn’t already know, bujo is short for bullet journal). You can read my post here on how I order washi, stickers, and other planner supplies from AliExpress for super CHEAP!

I use stickers, stamps, washi tape, scrapbooking paper, magazine cutouts, pencils, crayons, markers, glitter, basically, anything that I think would look pretty in my bullet journal pages.


I’m currently on a sticker roll, and I love making stickers sized for my bullet journal grid each week (view my bullet journal stickers ») and decorating with them!

My most recent sticker set I created (Pink Flamingo Bullet Journal Sticker Set) is one of my favorites so far, you can see how I used it in the image below.

Bullet Journal Stickers Page Decorated
Using stickers to decorate my bullet journal

I also print out tons of free stickers online (Pinterest is your friend) to use in my pages. You can view my Pinterest board of free stickers to print for starters.

Follow Girly Planners’s board Free Printable Stickers on Pinterest.


Other Tips

  1. If you’re notebook doesn’t come with numbered pages, take a few minutes to add numbers to each of your pages. It makes it easier to index/refer to them later.
  2. Decorate your notebook cover! You can add stickers or washi tape, special quotes, etc…

What Next?

I highly recommend joining the Bullet Journal Junkies Facebook group. As of the date of this, they currently have 22,000+ members who share a wealth of information, pictures, and answers to any questions you may have!  Facebook Group »

You can also go on YouTube and view thousands of planning and bullet journal videos, starting with Girly Planners of course 😉 YouTube Videos »

If that’s not enough, you can look up the #bulletjournal hashtag on Instagram for more beautiful inspiration! (and make sure to follow me @girlyplanners, I’d love to connect with you!)

If you follow me on Youtube or Instagram, then you know I read and answer all your questions and comments. Feel free to ask me anything in the comments below, or let me know if you liked this post, I love hearing from you all!

How to Order Stickers and Planner Supplies from AliExpress (and Haul Video)

How to Order Planner and Stickers AliExpress Cheap

I don’t remember how I stumbled onto AliExpress to buy planner supplies, but I’m so glad I did. I wanted to share with you guys how I do it and also answer some of the frequently asked questions I get asked the most.

AliExpress Shipping Costs and Times

I never pick an item that charges shipping. When you’re searching for items on AliExpress, you can filter them by shipping costs. Most of the items/stores I see listed don’t usually charge for shipping, but some do, so turn on this filter first thing.

Most stores will have a minimum of 15-30 days listed as shipping times. I typically receive my packages in 3-5 weeks. Although some have arrived a bit sooner. Expect to wait about a month on average before you get your packages.

Refunds and Returns

I’ve never yet done a return, because it would cost more to ship an item back to China, then it would to just get a refund.

AliExpress will let you Open a Dispute if you receive an item that’s not in the condition it’s supposed to be, etc… and it will ask you to upload photographic evidence, and then the refund is quickly issued.

Sometimes, you don’t receive the package and the order protection time is running out, you can then Open a Dispute and the seller will issue you a refund since you didn’t receive your product in the stated amount.

Want to see all the supplies I’ve ordered? I did a video below showing you all of the different items and their costs. For all of the items listed below, I spent a total of $70! That includes an A5 binder/planner, inserts, tons of stickers, 20 washi tapes, page flags, and more!


Melody Deco Stickers
Happy Life Diary Stickers
Black and White Banner Stickers
Doll/Dress Up Stickers
Mini Dot Stickers
Diary Deco Pack 3
Diary Deco Pack 5
Cute Pig Stickers
Masking Tape Sticker Paper
Drawing Marker Stickers
Birthday Stickers
Cat Stickers
Circle Stickers

Page Flags

Ice Cream Page Flags
Rectangle Colorful Page Flags

Washi Tape

10 Rolls of Washi for $9.50
Rainbow Thin Washi (10)


Flower Pencil Case
Plastic Dashboard, Zip Pouch, Today Finder, and Plastic Holders
A5 Macaron Planner

How to Use Your Planner to Reach Your Goals (and free printable)

It’s a new year, which means a lot of people (myself included) want to focus on new goals – or maybe the same ones as the previous year – and resolutions.

Since I’m a planner girl, I love incorporating paper/written tools to help me accomplish my goals. My planner also helps to keep them in front of my mind because it’s always next to me and I flip through it on a daily basis.

I want to share with you how I’ve been using my planner to help me reach my goals and build better habits.

Set The Right Goal

First, you have to start out with the right goal, a S.M.A.R.T. goal! If you’re not familiar with the acronym, it stands for:

S – Specific
M – Measureable
A – Achievable/Action Step
R – Relevant
T – Time Bound

Let’s use health and fitness as an example, which is a very popular goal/resolution. You could make your goal “I want to loose 30 lbs”. But, that is not an effective goal. There’s no action to it, no deadline, and it might not even be relevant.

Let’s say that you want to loose 30 lbs because that is the weight that you would be healthy at, etc… Losing weight is a process. You have to eat healthier, exercise, drink more water, get enough sleep, to name a few.A S.M.A.R.T. goal based on your overall goal (to lose 30 lbs) might be:

Eat a healthy breakfast every morning for the next 30 days.

This goal is specific, you are going to eat a healthy breakfast and are focusing on that.

This goal is also measurable. If you ate a poptart or donut for breakfast, you did not eat a healthy breakfast.

This goal is achievable – Losing 30 lbs is not an action step, but eating a healthy breakfast is.

This goal is relevant – If you want to lose weight and it’s important to you, this goal supports that and will help you get there.

This goal is time bound – It takes 21 days to build a habit, so by the end of the 30 days, you should have a healthy habit built, and at the end of the 30 days you can look back and see if you’ve had a healthy breakfast every morning in the past month.

I try to always set goals that include action steps, this way I can track them in my planner.

Daily Goal Tracking Insert

Once you have a SMART goal or resolution to work with, it’s time to add some fun planner inserts and trackers! I created an insert to track my daily action steps for each month. I’ve shared the link so you can download it below. Also, here’s a sample of what it looks like when it’s filled out. The action step goes in the left column, and I shade in each box for the corresponding date once I’ve completed it.

Monthly Goal/Habit Tracker - Example Filled

Monthly Habit/Action Steps Tracker (A5, Blank) Printable »

If you’d like me to upload it in any other sizes, just leave a comment below!

Daily Check In

In my experience, it’s not enough to just track my goal action steps on a daily basis. I find it extremely helpful to have “recap” of my day and a written assessment of what went right, what went wrong, and how I can do better tomorrow. I just hole punch a blank piece of paper, add the date at the top, and write down my daily check in notes. I usually don’t need a whole page, so one page might include 3-4 days worth of entries. Make sure to track all 3, not just what went wrong, or just what went right. It’s important to celebrate small victories too!

I’d love to hear about how you use your planner to help you reach your goals and build better habits. If you have any feedback, comment below!

Freebie Friday: A Few of My Favorite Inserts/Printables

Debt Repayment Planner Insert/Printable

Bill Pay Checklist

Bill Pay Checklist Planner Insert/Printable This insert is customizable. You can enter all of your own bills and then print it out for a handy checklist for your planner!

52 – Week Money Saving Challenge

52 - Week Money Saving Challenge Planner Insert/Printable I love the colors used in this printable, makes me excited to see it and keep track of our savings!

School Menu Planner

School Lunch Planner Insert I’ve seen hundreds of meal planners, but when I found this school lunch planner, I couldn’t wait to print it! While you’re on her site, check out all of her other amazing and FREE printables for your girly planner!

Debt Repayment

Debt Repayment Planner Insert/Printable I love seeing all of my credit card’s payment info on one page. With this printable, I can keep track of what the balance owed is, when it will be paid in full, and remind me of when I made my last payment. Way to feel accomplished!

Instagram Planner Giveaways Wednesdays: #1

Here are some of the latest Instagram giveaways you can enter for a chance to win free planner goodies.

These giveaways usually require you to have an Instagram account. If you’re not on Instagram, you can join for free! Follow us on Instagram @girlyplanners.

It's giveaway time!! This time I've hit over 1000 followers… Whhhaaaaa?!!! Thank you all for your support and inspiration. My gift to you is my new favorite planner, the @meandmybigideas Create365 Happy Planner and a bunch of other goodies to go with it. The winner will also receive a free item from my Etsy shop! (See link in bio) 🍉 The rules: 1) must be in the U.S. to enter 2) follow me 3) repost pic with hashtag #happiejenn1000 4) limit 1 post per day 5) post as many days as you'd like 6) ends July 24 at 10AM Pacific *please no giveaway accounts* #planneraddict #plannergiveaway #giveaway #instagiveaway #plannernerd #plannergirl #plannerlove #happyplanner #targetonespot #targetdollarspot #mambi #daiso #typo #pens #pencils #washi #notebook #pageflags

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Free Printable: Goal Tracking Sheet (Half Page Size)

Free Printable: Goal Tracking Sheet

I loved Michael Hyatt’s goal template that he shared on Evernote. But, when I’m planning out my goals, I prefer to write them down on paper and then decorate it! So I created a printable version of his template that would fit in my A5/Half Size paper planner.

If you like to keep track of your goals on paper, you can download the free printable below, but read the instructions on how to use it on the Evernote blog (link above).

Download the Free Goal Tracking Printable »

Free Printable: Blank To Do List with Hearts

Just enter your email below and you will receive an instant link to download the PDF in Half Page size.

Free Printable: Blank To Do List with Hearts

Motivation Monday: #1

Pretty, Girly Planner Week with Peach Colors and Flowers by

Every Sunday, I like to showcase some beautiful planners that are out there! Here are my favorites this week! All photos from Instagram users.