How to Order Stickers and Planner Supplies from AliExpress (and Haul Video)

I don’t remember how I stumbled onto AliExpress to buy planner supplies, but I’m so glad I did. I wanted to share with you guys how I do it and also answer some of the frequently asked questions I get asked the most.

AliExpress Shipping Costs and Times

I never pick an item that charges shipping. When you’re searching for items on AliExpress, you can filter them by shipping costs. Most of the items/stores I see listed don’t usually charge for shipping, but some do, so turn on this filter first thing.

Most stores will have a minimum of 15-30 days listed as shipping times. I typically receive my packages in 3-5 weeks. Although some have arrived a bit sooner. Expect to wait about a month on average before you get your packages.

Refunds and Returns

I’ve never yet done a return, because it would cost more to ship an item back to China, then it would to just get a refund.

AliExpress will let you Open a Dispute if you receive an item that’s not in the condition it’s supposed to be, etc… and it will ask you to upload photographic evidence, and then the refund is quickly issued.

Sometimes, you don’t receive the package and the order protection time is running out, you can then Open a Dispute and the seller will issue you a refund since you didn’t receive your product in the stated amount.

Want to see all the supplies I’ve ordered? I did a video below showing you all of the different items and their costs. For all of the items listed below, I spent a total of $70! That includes an A5 binder/planner, inserts, tons of stickers, 20 washi tapes, page flags, and more!


Melody Deco Stickers
Happy Life Diary Stickers
Black and White Banner Stickers
Doll/Dress Up Stickers
Mini Dot Stickers
Diary Deco Pack 3
Diary Deco Pack 5
Cute Pig Stickers
Masking Tape Sticker Paper
Drawing Marker Stickers
Birthday Stickers
Cat Stickers
Circle Stickers

Page Flags

Ice Cream Page Flags
Rectangle Colorful Page Flags

Washi Tape

10 Rolls of Washi for $9.50
Rainbow Thin Washi (10)


Flower Pencil Case
Plastic Dashboard, Zip Pouch, Today Finder, and Plastic Holders
A5 Macaron Planner

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